01 Jul

Game time July 6, 2023 at 7 pm est   

Table Top Flights Presents  

A Live Game of Wings of Glory WWI  

Legends: Rickenbacker 

Mission 4 

Return from Sick Call  

4 September 1918   

In July, Eddie suffered a fever and infection in his ear. This caused him severe pain and dizziness while flying. He recovered and was able to return in September for the St. Mihiel Offensive. The 94th Aero Squadron was now equipped with the SPAD XIII.   

Today’s mission: Patrol interception/ Ground Assault  

Team Rickenbacker 5x SPAD XIII at Alt 3  

Team Germany 4x Fokker D.VII at Alt 3  

Special Rule Weather: Clear  


Normal Scoring for Air to Air combat 

Bonus points for each ground target damaged or Destroyed.  

Warning:  The ground targets have teeth.     


Next Mission: Legends: Rickenbacker WWI,  July 13,  2023 

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